[Igor G. Neizvestny]
RAS Counselor

Igor G. Neizvestny
Corresponding Member of RAS
Тел.: +7(383)333-23-67
I.G. Neizvestny was born 26.11.1931 in Odessa. 1956 - graduated from the Elecromechanical Faculty of the Moscow Energy Institute on the speciality "Insulators and Semiconductors", then he was absorbed in scientific activities at the Physical Institute USSR AS (engineer-researcher) for the period 1956 - 1962. 1962 - was appointed Deputy Director of the Institute of Solids Physics and Semiconductor Electronics SB RAS, Novosibirsk (since 1964 - ISP SBRAS). 1964 - defended his PhD thesis in "Studying the origin of recombination centres of charge carriers on germanium surface; 1980 - Doctoral thesis "Studying germanium-insulator interface borders". 1983 - became professor. 1990 - was elected Corresponding member of USSR AS on the department of informatics, computing devices and automation (speciality - "Element base of computing devices"). more .