Alexander V. Latyshev, RAS academician, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences

1981 — graduated from the Novosibirsk State University on the speciality ''Physics''. 1998 — defended his doctoral thesis on ''Atomic steps on silicon surface in the processes of sublimation, epitaxy and phase transitions''. 2008 - elected RAS corresponding member on RAS Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies Department (speciality — ''Nanodiagnostics''). 2016 - elected RAS academician on RAS Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies Department (speciality — "Element base, Nanodiagnostics"). He is an expert in the field of film and nanodimensional semiconductor structures synthesis from molecular beams, semiconductor nanotechnologies for a new generation element base and low-dimensional systems structural diagnostics. more


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STID - Science-and-Technical Information Department
SP - Sector for Printing
PPD - Production-and-Planning Department
MD - Maintenance Department
BR - Sector for Building and Repairing
ES ED - Engineering Department for Electronic System
EW - Experimental Workshop
MTPD - Material-Technical Provision Department