Alexander V. Latyshev, RAS academician, doctor of physical-mathematical sciences

1981 - graduated from the Novosibirsk State University on the speciality "Physics".

1998 - defended his doctoral thesis on "Atomic steps on silicon surface in the processes of sublimation, epitaxy and phase transitions".

2008 - elected RAS corresponding member on RAS Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies Department (speciality - "Nanodiagnostics").

2016 - elected RAS academician on RAS Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies Department (speciality — "Element base, Nanodiagnostics").

He is an expert in the field of film and nanodimensional semiconductor structures synthesis from molecular beams, semiconductor nanotechnologies for a new generation element base and low-dimensional systems structural diagnostics; the author of 6 and co-author of 201 scientific contributions, including 2 monographs, separate chapters in 4 monographs; has 6 invention patents.

The basic scientific contribution of Alexander V. Latyshev are connected with studying the mechanisms of atomic processes on the surface and interface at the formation of low-dimensional semiconductor systems. He is a supervisor in the complex metrological, diagnostic and technological support of numerous investigations in the field of nanotechnology with the methods of high-resolution, scanning, reflective electron microscopy and others on the base of the "Nanostructures" collective use center. The obtained results provided the creation of new generation semiconductor devices, such as nanotransistors and one-electron transistors, photodetector devices on quantum effects and elements of voltaic electronics.

Alexander V. Latyshev and staffers carry out activities in the development of the present and the creation of new nanolithography methods - by both acute-focused electron and ion beams and using scanning probe microscopes.

Alexander V. Latyshev began his scientific career in 1981 as a trainee-researcher in ISP SB RAS; since 1998, he has been head of the Laboratory of Nanodiagnostics and Nanolithography; since 2007 - Deputy Director for Science.

Alexander V. Latyshev is Deputy Chairman of the USC SB RAS Bureau for Nano- and Information Technologies, a member of specialized thesis defense councils in the ISP SB RAS and BSTU, head of the scientific-educational center "Physics of condensed matters and physical material science", an editorial board member of "Surface Science and Nanotechnology", "First-hand Science" and "NSU News Letters" journals (Physics series).

Alexander V. Latyshev is a co-supervisor of the scientific school "Atomic processes and technologies for the creation of low-dimensional semiconductor systems", a member of the SB RAS Device Commission, Technical Standardization Committee (TC 441 - "Nanotechnologies").

Scientific-Technical Council under the Ministry of Social Development of the Novosibirsk region, RFBR expert councils, Ministry of Education and Science and "Rosnano" State Committee, Scientific Council of the International School on Material Science and electron microscopy (Berlin, Germany). He was head in the international contracts with "Samsung Electronics" (South Korea), "Mosaic Crystal" and "Nanogate" (Israel), "AGM" (Germany) and others, also with a number of universities of Germany, France, Japan, USA, Bulgaria, etc.

Alexander V. Latyshev was awarded RAS complimentary papers, those of the RF Ministry of Education and Science, SB RAS Presidium, RAS Presidium, Russian Research and Development Foundation.