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Design-and-technology institute of applied microelectronics (DTIAM), ISP affiliated office, Novosibirsk
The Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP SBRAS) was founded in 1964 based on the unification of the Institute of Solid Physics and Semiconductor Electronics SB USSR AS on USSR RAS Presiduim Resolution N 49, 24 April, 1964.

In 2003, on RAS Presidium Resolution N 224, 1.07.03, the Institute of Semiconductor Physics of of the Unified Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS was reorganised into the Institute of Semiconductor Physics SB RAS by joining to it the Institute of Sensor Microelectronics SB RAS as an affiliated institution.

In 2005, on RAS Presidium Resolution N 274, 29.11.05, the Design-and-Technology Institute of Applied Microelectronics — presently being an ISP SBRAS affiliated branch — was incorporated into ISP SBRAS. In 2006, on RAS Presidium Resolution N 400, 26.12.06, the ISP was rewarded the name of academician A.V. Rzhanov.

In 2007, on RAS Presidium Resolution N 274, 18.12.07, the Institute was renamed into the institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences — A.V. Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP SBRAS). The Institute is a RAS structural sub-division and a unit integrated by the Institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, SB.

RAS Physical Sciences Department and RAS Nanotechnologies and Information Department carry out the scientific-methodic supervision and co-ordination of conducted researchwork of the ISP.

The unified scientific counsel on physico-technical sciences SB RAS for the problems of scientific-methodic supervision interacts with RAS departments in scientific fileds and trends and co-ordinates scientific activities of the ISP. The Institute is under special scientific-methodic supervision of the unified SB RAS counsel for nano- and information technologies .

Presently, the Institute is a research centre with a wide field of activities in modern semiconductor physics, physics of condensed state in the development of scientific bases for semiconductor micro-, opto-, nano- and acoustoelectrtonics, information technologies and quantum electronics.

The basic achievements of the Institute are connected with investigations of atomic processes and electron phenomena on semiconductor surfaces and phase interfaces, quantum effects in low-dimensional semiconductor systems: superlattices, heterostructures with quantum wells, quantum wires and dots. Based on the obtained fundamental results, developments in IR matrix photodetectors, electron-optical transformers, MW transistors, quantum interferometers, nanotransistors were realised by ISP. Multi-year ISP efforts in developiong and fabrication of MBE devices and modern diagnostic systems provision (software) have made the base for the development of new generation semiconductor nanotechnologies.

The highest acknowledgement of the ISP scientific activities is 2 USSR State Premiums, 5 RF State Premiums, 1 State Premium of the USSR Counsel of Ministers and 2 Lenin Komsomol Premiums.

There are about 800 staffers at the ISP, including 214 scientific staffers: 2 Academician, 4 RAS Corresponding members, 42 Doc. phys.-math. sci. and 131 PhDs in phys.-math. sci. and oth.

The institute consists of 5 departments, 23 laboratories and groups. It has one affiliated unit: the Novosibirsk Affiliated Branch of RAS of the A.V. Rzhanov ISP SBRAS - Design-and-Technology Institute of Applied Microelectronics.