Investigations on SB RAS programs II.6.1, II.6.2, II.6.3, II.7.3, II.8.2, II.9.1 and IV.32.1 are realised in the Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP) witin the basic scientific trends.


"Physics of semiconductor nanostructures and quantum effects in semiconductors"
(coordinated by academician A.L. Aseev).

II.6.1.1. "Physico-chemical formation principles and electron processes in ultra-thin (1-20 nm) passivating film nanostructures of A3B5-type semiconductors".
Supervised by G.L. Kuryshev, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.

II.6.1.2. "Atomic and electron processes on A3B5 compounds surfaces with nanometer (Cs, O) coatings".
Supervised by A.S. Terekhov, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. , Professor.

II.6.1.3. "Investigation of photoelectric and electrophysical heterostructures properties based on A3B5 quantum-dimensional layers, nanometer vacuum gaps and thermoelectric properties of vanadium oxide nanodimensional layers".
Supervised by V.N. Ovsyuk, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. , Professor.

II.6.1.4. "Electron and optical properties of one- and 2D nanostructures on insulator in deformation and electromagnetic fields"
Supervised by V.P. Popov, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.

II.6.1.5. "Working out one-photon radiators based on quantum semiconductor structures".
Supervised by V.A. Geisler, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.

II.6.1.6. "Atomic and electron structure of insulators with high dielectric permittivity".
Supervised by V.A. Gritsenko, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.

II.6.1.7. "Quantum phenomena in low-dimensional systems and nanostructures".
Supervised by A.V. Chaplik - Academician of RAS, Professor and Z.D. Kvon - Doctor of phys.-math. sci., Professor.

II.6.1.8. "Physico-technological bases of CdxHg1-xTe heterostructures epitaxy with nanolayers and local doping by acceptor and donor impurities, and investigation of their photoelectric properties".
Supervised by Yu.G. Sidorov, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.


"Physics of solid micro- and macroelectronic devices"
(Coordinated by I.G. Neizvestny, RAS Corresponding member, Professor)

II.6.2.1. "Hig-speed system for quantum key generation in optofiber communication lines".
Supervised by I.I. Ryabtsev, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. and I.G. Neizvestny, RAS Corresponding member, Professor.

II.6.2.2. "Investigation and development of physico-chemical bases to obtain nanostructured and nanocomposite materials, device structures for integrated micro- and nanosensors. Studying physical processes in sensor heterostructures. Fabrication of gas micro- and nanosensors based on nanostructures naterials"
Supervised by V.V. Bolotov, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. , Professor

II.6.2.3. "Working out the physical bases of low-temperature technology to fabricate nano- and microcrystalline silicon films and semiconductor nanocluster/insulator matrix heterostructures".
Supervised by M.D. Efremov, PhD in phys.-math. sci.

II. 6.2.4. "Basic technologies of functional optoelectron materials and wave processes in micro-nanodimensional and integral-optical structures".
Supervised by V.V. Atuchin, PhD in phys.-math. sci.

II.6.2.5. "Development of low-dimensional heterostructures MBE technology based on A3B5-type compounds for field MW devices".
Supervised by K.S. Zhuravlev, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.

II.6.2.6. "PbSnTe:In-based injection structures for IR and terahertz radiation matrices".
Supervised by V.N. Shumsky, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. and I.G. Neizvestny, RAS Corresponding member, Professor.


"Complex nanodiagnostics of low-dimensional systems, nanolithography and nanometrology"
(Coordinated by A.V. Latyshev, RAS Corresponding member).

II.6.3.1. "Fabrication methods and structural-chemical diagnostics of low-dimensional semiconductor systems at the atomic level"
Supervised by A.V. Latyshev, RAS Corresponding member.

II.6.3.2. "Nanodiagnostics and investigation of MBE mechanisms for quantum-dimensional structures based on silicon, germanium and A3B5 compounds including nitrides of group III metals".
Supervised by O.P. Pchelyakov, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. , Professor.

II.6.3.3. "Optical diagnostics of high spatial resolution quantum-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures".
Supervised by A.I. Toropov, PhD in phys.-math. sci. and A.M. Gilinsky, PhD in phys.-math. sci.


"Perspective semiconductor materials of nanoelectronics and nanophotonics"
(Coordinated by A.V. Dvurechenskii, RAS Corresponding member, Professor).

II.7.3.1. "Dense and rarefied quantum dot ensambles in semiconductor nanostructures".
Supervised by A.V. Dvurechenskii, RAS Corresponding member, Professor.

II.7.3.2. "Epitaxial layers of Pb chalcogenides on silicon for a new type of thermovision devices".
Supervised by A.E. Klimov, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.

II.7.3.3. "Investigation of nanocrystals optical properties and nanoporous materials under plasmon resonance".
Supervised by A.G. Milekhin, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. and O.I. Semenova, PhD in chem. sci.

II.7.3.4. "Fabrication and studies of new semiconductor and graphene nanostructures, materials and metamaterials for photonics, plasmonics and electronics".
Supervised by V.Ya. Printz, Doctor of phys.-math. sci. , Professor.


"Basic problems of radiation-matter interaction"
(Coordinated by A.M. Shalagin, RAS Corresponding member, Professor).

II.8.2.6. "Coherent and non-linear optical processes in gases, condensed matters, micro- and nanostructures under the interaction of radiation, electron beam and discharge".
Supervised by N.N. Rubtsova, Doctor of phys.-math. sci.


"Topical problems of optical-information technologies"
(Coordinated by Yu.V. Chugui, Doc. tech. sci.).

II.9.1.3. "Working out the scientific bases to fabricate multichannel and multispectral technical vision systems of high spatial and spectral resolution".
Supervised by V.N. Fedorinin, PhD in tech. sci.


"Architecture, information security, systemic solutions and software of new generation information-computing systems"
(Coordinated by V.G. Khoroshevsky, RAS Corresponding member, Professor and V.V. Shaidurov, RAS Corresponding member).

IV.32.1.1. "Architecture, functional problems and simulation of large-scaled distributed computing systems".
Supervised by V.G. Khoroshevsky, RAS Corresponding member, Professor.