Административный корпус 11 сентября 2017 г.
Конференц-зал Понедельник, 10 часов

Prof. Yakov Roizin
(TowerJazz Company)

Sensors in semiconductor technologies targeting IoT applications

Краткая аннотация:

Being the elements for gathering and outputting the key data, semiconductor sensors are in the center of the incredible growth of the Internet of Things(IoT). IoT sensor market is expected to reach ~40 billion of USD by 2022. Demands to technological platforms for fabrication and integration of different sensors are summarized in the presentation. Examples of sensors (in mass production and in R&D stage in TowerJazz) are reviewed with the focus on their operation physics and related technological challenges. In particular, (i) quasi-nanowire temperature and gas sensors fabricated on SOI with thin device layers, (ii) original sensors based on integrated in CMOS MTJ (magnetic tunnel junctions) and (iii) sensors based on GaN on silicon technology are presented. As an example of sensor platforms enablers, production ReRAM technology based on tantalum oxide is discussed with the emphasis on NVM device physics and materials.