XIth Conference and the Xth School
of Young Scientists and Experts in Topical Problems
of Silicon Physics, Material Science, Technology and Diagnostics,
Silicon-Based Nanometer Structures and Devices
12-15 September 2016, Novosibirsk
20.04.2016 Abstracts submission deadline has been extended to 1 of May 2016.
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The Conference “Silicon 2016” is a continuation of the series of scientific conferences devoted to silicon. It dates back in its history to the All-Russian Session on silicon held in MISA in 1999. The School of Young scientists has been organized in parallel with the Conference since 2000.

For these years, the event has turned into the main forum, where scientists that represent the academic association, HEIs and industry of Russia and foreign countries, discuss topical problems over the whole circle of issues including obtaining metallurgic and polycrystalline silicon, growth and material science of bulky crystals and thin films of silicon and related materials, also physics, technology and diagnostics of nanostructures based on them.

The lectures, meant to acquaint future scientists with most important and interesting problems in the field of obtaining silicon and creation of silicon-based devices, will be delivered.

Invited reports of leading scientists active in the field of silicon material science and its applications, also oral and poster presentations will be given and presented.

The conference will be held in the “Sosnovka” resort-hotel situated 7 km away from Novosibirsk Academgorodok at the shore of the Berdsk gulf in a picturesque pinery.

Main scientific trends:

  • Material science of crystalline silicon: obtaining and cleaning of metallurgic silicon, growth processes from melts, gas phase chemical deposition, growth devices.
  • Obtaining solar-quality silicon and problems of solar energetics.
  • Atomic processes on the surface, interfaces and in the bulk of silicon: defects, impurity atoms, thin films.
  • Thin films in silicon microelectronics: epitaxial layers, silicon-on-insulator, strained structures and low, and high-k dielectrics.
  • Physics of silicon quantum-sized structures for nano- and optoelectronics, photonics, spintronics and logical elements for quantum computations.
  • Nanotechnologies of silicon electronics including ion implantation, lithography, quantum structures fabrication technologies, diagnostics.
  • Simulation of silicon growth processes and silicon-based structures, including the development of algorithms and software.
  • Silicon electron componential base for nano-, opto-, voltaic electronics, light-emitting structures, photodetectors, micromechanics and sensorics.
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